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Filmefex worked on Hellboy II The Golden Army

Monday, November 19, 2007 by Red

Filmefex specializes mostly in makeup and prosthetics work. On "Hellboy 2," the company was involved in making a special creature for a scene that takes place in a troll market, as well as building statues and several full-sized replicas of the Golden Army.

"We have to prove ourselves on each film. The way it happens usually is that we get a smaller stake of the work and then when they feel we can handle it, they start giving us more. This was the case on 'Hellboy 2,' which we have now been working on since March." Say Ivan Poharnok Founder of the Budapest-based special effects company Filmefex

Filmefex, which has 10 permanent employees, collaborated with three other FX shops on "Hellboy 2": U.S. company Spectral Motion and two London-based companies, Creature Effects and Solution Studios.
Report by Variety