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The Wachowski's Speed Racer Using Revolutionary Full Focus Cameras

Sunday, September 02, 2007 by Red

The Wachowski Brothers were filming "Speed Racer" with a new type of camera that was revolutionary and the final film would look like nothing we’d ever seen before on a movie screen. But try as I might, I couldn’t second source the info and find out exactly what was going on.
Supposedly they were going to make the entire frame always in focus… like a cartoon. I had heard that the reason for the long filming process was not due to the extensive blue screen work.
Susan Sarandon says: They’re using some high def thing that comes with guards and it’s beyond anything I’ve ever…. I saw 10 minutes before I left, they did a special thing for me cause they’re just wrapping and having a party tonight, they were still working after I left. They’re doing something where they’re layering film so that the front and the back are in focus like a cartoon and they’re also doing two dimensional and three dimensional stuff and mixing and everything is very, very saturated with some new kind of film, so they actually have to treat the actors in some way so we can hold our own with the background. So it’s every color that wasn’t in The Matrix is seriously in this film.

Los Hnos. Wachowski introducen una nueva técnica de cámara en Speed Racer según la fuente Susan Sarandon: "Están haciendo algo donde están acomodando la película de modo que el frente y la parte posterior estén en foco como en una historieta y también estan haciendo de dos dimensiones la materia tridimensional y al mezclarse y todo esté muy, muy saturado como una nueva clase de película, así que tienen que tratar especialmente a a los actores para que podamos sostenernos con el fondo.

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