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Batman dark Knight at Wizard World Chicago

Monday, August 13, 2007 by Red

Batman dark Knight at Wizard World Chicago, Representing TDK was David Goyer (story), Jonah Nolan (script), Chris Nolan (director), Christian Bale (The Batman), Aaron Eckhart (Harvey Dent/Two Face) -- who came out holding his hand up vertically and splitting his face in half, and Gary Oldman (Jim Gordon).
Extracts of panel comments:
*Jonah Nolan let everyone know that he grew up a Batman fan and was raised in Chicago.

* Bale (talking in an American accent this time) said that it’s an honor to reprise the role of the most "badass superhero" there is.

* Eckhart he’s glad to be part of Batman and everyone will be pleased with what’s going on.

* Bale said that he didn’t grow up a Batman fan and that his only exposure to the character was the Adam West TV show. But he read Frank Miller’s YEAR ONE and said to himself, “Why in the HELL hasn’t anyone made THIS Batman [into a film] before?” He now loves the character and it is evident.

* Chris Nolan again mentioned the first two Joker stories in BATMAN #1 as having a very strong influence on the story and how The Joker is portrayed. He also said that when deciding to use The Joker, he and David Goyer had to think about how this character would exist -- what would he be like -- in the BEGINS universe. How does he “fit?”

* Jonah Nolan says that he now is having a hard time “…getting The Joker out of my head.”

* Chris guaranteed that we’re going to see more of “The Dark Knight Detective” in TDK.

* David Goyer said that he was worried about not topping BATMAN BEGINS, but simply coming close. But he worries no more, “My jaw is dropping with this one.”

* And yet again, every damn person talked about “The Heath-Joker.” The most commonly used phrase to describe his work on this film: “Brilliant.”

* Nolan did confirm that The Joker is a Texan and will have a Texan draw. That, I made up.