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Jon Favreau habla sobre Iron Man

Saturday, July 07, 2007 by Red

El Director Jon Favreau dió detalles en la página Myspace acerca de la historia de Iron Man y posible cameos:
First of all, as you probably already know, there is not a teaser trailer on the front of Transformers as many of you had hoped and speculated. We are, however, planning to reveal something very cool very soon. This month, in fact. In San Diego. We've secured a prime slot Saturday afternoon in the big room at SDCC. We will split an hour with Marvel and Hulk and plan to cut something together to reward the fans for their interest, support and patience. In addition to our Saturday afternoon presentation, we will be doing a signing and poster giveaway at the Marvel booth on Saturday. Paramount is also doing a rundown of its slate on Thursday which I will do my best to attend as well.

Primero que todo no se presentó el trailer en el estreno de Transformers como algunos habian especulado pero se planea revelarlo muy pronto en San diego Comic con.

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